Carry a piece of the earth with you, every day.

Whether you’re on a journey of betterment, enlightenment, or just getting through each day with ease, there’s a gemstone here awaiting your companionship. 

✨ A crystal guide with a life travel map, if you will. 

Carrying a piece of the earth with you can act as a reminder of your intentions, affirmations, and needs. Reminding you also that you are a part of the earth that you walk upon. 

Get ready to discover that stone that can’t live without you. Then, carry that piece of the earth with you, every day. 

✨ Hi there, I'm Amy. 

I'm a gemstone passionate entrepreneur harboring a deep love for our natural world, encounters with wildlife, and quiet moments. All pieces are handmade by me, here in the picturesque Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.

+ If you're on the look out for a specific stone, a personalized creation, or have any questions at all, let's connect via email and talk it through: 
Amy (at)

+ If you're local to New England, click through to my events page for opportunities to choose your stones in person. 

+ And if you're out and about in these areas, you can also discover The Peach Tree collections uniquely curated by each of these shops:

Mass MoCA Museum Store - North Adams, MA
Olana State Historic Site Museum Store - Hudson, NY
Opus 40 Sculptural Park - Saugerties, NY
Bodhi Holistic Spa - Hudson, NY
Star + Splendor - Voorheesville, NY
Heirloom Home and Studio - Philadelphia, PA

Wholesale inquiries: Amy (at)

Supporting small business: I'm proud to partner with the family owned tea company, Adagio Teas, sharing their hand selected, direct-from-the-farmer, teas with each order.  You can find out more about them here:

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